Saturday & Sunday, JULY 16th/17th, 2022

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This event is the second iteration of our Late Night Lo Fi festival series, and we are so excited for this one! Coming up THIS WEEKEND, Saturday/Sunday July 16th/17th

Starting at @ 11:00AM EST Each Day

With nearly 90 vaporwave and late night lo fi musicians and video artists, this will be an experience to remember 🙏 This is a FULL DAY two day event, with each day starting at 11:00AM EST and running to around 1AM EST, with an after party slotted to follow on each day, hosted by All Hell Breaks Loops, and Pocari Online. Headliners for the event should start going on around 10PM EST 💖

Featuring performances from 👇

1amBluntz, ADHDNFLBLITZ, Aexion, AGNAR, Ancient Fan Death Studios, b l u e s c r e e n, BABEFAKE, bl00dwave, bodyline, channel select, Chiba City Blues, Clipart Gallery (Patryk Films), Cologne Terminal, Computer Dreams, Cube Underlord, CVLTVRΣ, delaberry, Digi, Enraile, Entrana, exquisite nights, Fornax Void, FutureFunkRocker, General Translator, Gentlemen Lounge Dining Cult, Golden Living Room ,Hantasi, Incarta’95, Infinity Frequencies, INTERNET CLUB, Jade, J Sanders, Limousine, Lost Traveler ロスト, luxury elite, MindSpring Memories, Notorious Secret, Opus Science Collective, P A T H S パス, Paradise of Yesterday, Penthouse Suite, Prekursor, PUDERPOLLI, S.a.x, Seggito, Sport3000, strip_silence, SYLLABUS, That’s Matt!, thor cb, Topaz Gang, TV2, Unknown Caller, VAAV SOCIAL CLUB, Vaporsoftworks, VentureX, VHS Logos, VHSテープリワインダー, VITO JAMES GENOVESE, Xenon Masters, Xiomara, YUNG CRYSTAL ネオン, 식료품groceries (JPEGSTRIPES), 회사AUTO, and ミスト M Y S T!

Featuring visual and video art from 👇

Aitso, All Hell Breaks Loops, BruceRav, CCTV, Default.cfg, Demodawg, Dub Prophet, IndyAdvant, Keneticwav, Late Arcane, moirebender, MOONSPEED (Kalikst), Pixel8ter, Prekursor, Siphonophore AV, _Tesseractive_, Shanpu, Spike Stephens, Squizzlekop, and VideodromeTV!

We put a lot of work into bringing out our idea of the late night lo fi aesthetic, and are very proud of what we managed to accomplish for our visual design of the event. Hopefully we can transport everyone into our universe and give you an ultimate late night lo fi experience you’ll never forget! Check out our teaser video for a taste of what’s to come!


In addition to Twitch and YouTube, Late Night Lights II will be streaming virtually in a 3D Event Space called BETAMAX, as well as in VR, using Bigscreen! Check out the links below if you have any interest in joining us for the event in VR, or through Second Life!

Big Screen (VR            BETAMAX (Browser)






These artists painstakingly created the universe for the festival, from the introductory TV Studio space, to the musicians and visual artist intro/outro bumpers, and much more.

Be sure to give them a follow.

All Hell Breaks Loops

3D Artist, video artist, and DJ.
All Hell Breaks Loops is quickly gaining
a reputation for the best vaporwave afterparties and livestreams around. Time and again raising the bar in the vapor visuals community!
Booking/commissions are open!


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Please recycle.fterparties and livestreams around. Time and again raising the bar in the vapor visuals community!
Booking/commissions are open!

Please recycle.

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SquizzleKop is a Multimedia Artist currently specializing in Audiovisual work. Based out of Tampa, Florida, their work utilizes a mixture of creative coding techniques as well as traditional video editing to try and tap into the heart of a subject, regardless of what it is, in order to make it flow on screen. From the very big projects down to the super small edits you can tell there’s a
little kiss of love in there.

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2022 Performers




An ambient artist with an incredible sound. Entering the scene back in 2019 with static filled experimental releases like who, their sound has steadily evolved through the years taking on a more ominous slant as exemplified with releases like the bitter grace, or when were gone. Their album, reflections of a stranger received a cassette release through Hairs aBlazin’.





Owner of legendary label Ailanthus Recordings. Scott Michael, a Pennsylvania artist who goes under many aliases, including but not limited to: NYKDLN, ‘ ‘ ‘ NEW FIGURE VARIETY and of course, ADHDNFLBLITZ. They began making vaporwave in 2010, only one year after the inception of the vaporwave genre.You can find some of adhdnflblitz’S music on their own Ailanthus Recordings and The Bogus Collective.




A prolific artist with a huge portfolio of late night lo-fi, Aexion is the perfect artist to join the celebration of music that is Late Night Lights. Their first album, Hello World, was released on cassette by Gulf Spa Records (there are a couple tapes left, so act fast!) and they’ve appeared on a number of other vaporwave labels, including ‘98 and Aloe City Records.



Bandcamp | Twitter


After releasing their demo tape in 2018, Agnar has maintained a steady stream of sleeper hits. With visuals evoking a liminal/ somber tone, the tracks on albums like Summer Insomnia take the listener back to the early 2000’s and the often overlooked Y2K aesthetic.


Bandcamp | Twitter


Emerging under this moniker in June 2020, Ancient Fan Death Studios burst onto the scene with their first album, w e l c o m e. They are from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and have collaborated with other artists in the area, such as mmmtorbs. AFDS has already proven to be a master of late-night lo-fi, getting their music released on well-known and prestigious labels like Seikomart and Gorgeous Lights.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
YouTube | Sample

b l u e s c r e e n

One of Australia’s preeminent vaporwave producers, navigating b l u e s c r e e n’s Bandcamp page will show you an absolutely staggering number of releases. Dating back to 2017, this artist has seen releases on an eye-watering number of labels, including Power_lunch, Seikomart, Utopia District, Gulf Audio Company, Contemporary Tapes, as well as their own label, Sunset Grid.



A vaporwave artist hailing from Peru, BABEFAKE burst onto Bandcamp in 2016 and the rest is history. They have cemented themselves in the vaporwave community as one of the very best at producing late night lo-fi and slushwave. They have been featured by countless well known and respected labels, such as Dark Web Recordings, Underwater Computing, and Gorgeous Lights. Recently, they collaborated with SAMSUNG WAṪER to score the video game Terra Atlantis.

Bandcamp | Twitter


Standing out from the rich array of fine Italian vapor producers, bl00dwave has traversed many different styles over the years. His music has spanned from classic vapor all the way to downtempo variants of synthwave, taking inspiration from wherever possible, allowing him to put a wide variety of sounds on display. His most notable release, Hotel Vibes, is one of the most iconic releases within the scene to this day.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook

b o d y l i n e

A relatively early vaporwave artist who is still producing vaporwave today. They made their debut in 2012, with a huge single “Sunset Shell ” in 2013, and more recently dropped MEETING DAWN in 2021. Many people remember them as one of the first vaporwave artists they ever heard. They specialize in slowjams and lo-fi. Not many artists have been in the scene as long as b o d y l i n e. One quick listen and their years of experience are obvious.


Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud

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channel select

Getting their start on Bandcamp in 2018, channel select hit the ground running with their terrific album, NIGHTLINE. They are a multi-faceted participant of Late Night Lights, producing not only late night lo-fi, but future funk and nu-disco as well. They have appeared on the ever-popular label Business Casual multiple times. Two of their hits include sails and NEW AIR, both of which have received cassette releases.


Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample

Chiba City Blues

An artist whose style and sound has evolved over the years, Chiba City Blues is not one who is shy to experiment with their sounds. A vaporwave artist from Denver who first originated on the scene in 2017, Chiba City Blues’ style ranges from mallsoft to JRPG style music such as with their album Glowing Caves.




Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Clipart Gallery (Patryk Films)

One of the most prominent video editors and visual producers in vapor, Patryk has also been successful in creating his own music. Heavily experimental with his choices of theme and sound, the work that he puts out manages to be just as strong at pushing boundaries in the world of sound as it is within sight. These skills have also allowed him to understand how to enhance the art paired with his own music, as well, which has made him an extremely multi-talented artist.

Bandcamp | Twitter | YouTube

Cologne Terminal

A vaporwave producer out of France, Cologne Terminal specializes in coldwave and computer gaze. Their first Bandcamp release was in February of 2019. Their albums include Wall and Interloper, released on Dark Web Recordings and Gorgeous Lights respectively. More recently, they released Sprawl through Underwater Computing. Listeners can expect a lengthy tracklist and a diverse range of sounds when Cologne Terminal is involved!


Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud | Sample

Computer Dreams

Known first as Computer Slime, Computer Dreams has been on the scene since the very beginning, having released several albums. This includes the self-titled Computer Dreams album. They would later become one part of a collaboration known as Napolian/Computer Dreams. They have several previously released tracks under this split moniker. They were featured on the label Beer on the Rug but the Bandcamp page has since been deleted. In 2019, CD reuploaded their discography on the ComputerSlime Bandcamp.


Cube Underlord

A fresher face onto the scene, Cube Underlord has been consistently putting out hits of eccojams and lofi since 2019. Alongside a bevvy of self-released albums, their YouTube channel, Sigmund Generous, is an invaluable asset, offering an incredible archive of important and interesting vaporware releases through the years! Their latest release, NEW MULTIMEDIA EXPERIENCE, can be found on their Bandcamp.



Bandcamp | Youtube


A legend in the vapor-sphere, CVLTVRΣ is a veteran vaporwave producer from Paris, France. Bursting onto the scene in 2013 with his release C∆SSΣTTΣ, CVLTVRΣ would soon go on to produce the albums PoolSide Temples and Virtual Life. These albums are considered masterpieces when it comes to that classic vapor sound.



Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud


A relative newcomer to vaporwave, that hasn’t stopped delaberry from delivering hit after late night lo-fi hit in a short period of time. Whether it be their first album, madrugada, or their latest release, V, there’s something to love in every release. V was even released through Sunset Grid, the label founded by fellow Late Night Lights participant, b l u e s c r e e n.


Bandcamp | Soundcloud


With their roots in classic vaporwave and late night lo-fi, Digi are a perfect fit for Late Night Lights! Their sound is a versatile one, able to slink between a variety of subgenres be it mallsoft or future funk or lo-fi, oftentimes within the same release. You can see great examples of this on their albums like MALL 205, CRT Memories, or Trés LA, a behemoth of a release made in collaboration with platinum towers and Forbidden Memories.




Earning an additional boost of prominence after the 2020 release of SPACEWORLD 2000, Californian producer Enraile has been making rounds throughout the vapor scene with their dedication to creating a wide variety of sounds. A more traditional electronica-based approach to sound and composition meets the traditional vapor influence upon samples, sources, and visuals, pushing the boundaries of what vapor is to many listeners. With a current focus on creating strong, polished singles, Enraile guarantees quality with their work.

Bandcamp | Twitter


An electronic artist hailing from Austin, Texas, Entrana got their start back in 2020. They have spent a lot of time whipping up incredible tunes in the vaporwave and dreampunk space. They’ve seen their music released on a number of high profile vaporwave labels, among them Global Pattern, Sunset Grid, and aqvaria.




Bandcamp | Twitter

Exquisite Nights

Exquisite Nights is an artist who proves that if a sound works, there is no need for it to change. An artist from Miami who joined the scene in 2021, Exquisite Nights’ style is very clearly that of late night lo-fi, both sonically and visually. While only joining the scene 1 year ago, Exquisite Nights has already released 7 albums, each with their own theme that proves that sample based vaporwave isn’t going away any time soon.

Bandcamp | Twitter

Fornax Void

A multimedia artist originating from Switzerland, Fornax Void creates impressive vaporwave inspired soundscapes that are reminiscent of Sci-Fi, Utopian Virtual, and video game music. He is also a visual artist, who has even created a virtual interactive art gallery. He had originally recorded his first public album, Memory Machine, in 2009, predating the vaporwave scene itself.


Bandcamp | Twitter


A classic vapor artist in the truest sense, FutureFunkRocker has been present in the vaporwave scene in its earliest days, releasing his first album, The Lost Tape 1, in 2012. He has recently released two more albums in 2021, The Lost Tape 2, and Nighttrips, both of which pack serious emotion into their sample-heavy sounds.

Bandcamp | Soundcloud


General Translator

With releases running back nearly a decade, General Translator is responsible for notable releases such as The Powers of Persuasion and The New You. They have seen their music featured on many notable classic vaporwave labels like Fortune 500, Dream Catalogue, and Bedlam Tapes.


Bandcamp | Facebook  

Gentlemen Lounge Dining Cult

An artist that’s worked within an innumerable amount of genres, Gentlemen Lounge Dining Cult has brought their unique sound to a number of realms of vaporwave. Among them are eccojams, signalwave, and future funk. They’ve had the majority of their discography released through popular label Seikomart, including their latest release, REAL CONNECTION™, which dropped back in February.

Bandcamp | Twitter

Golden Living Room

Golden Living Room, just like the legacy of their music, feels as if it belongs to the scene since time immemorial. From releases that built the blocks of vapor as it is today, such as New Nostalgia and Virtual Phantasy 2097, their dedication to creating dreamy, ethereal landscapes through both classic and ambient vapor stylings has left people impressed by the refinement of their craft over the years. Those digging into the earlier years of the scene who have not heard either may find themselves truly missing out.

Bandcamp | Twitter


An artist who is often credited with making the first hit mallsoft album, Vacant Spaces, all the way back in 2012. Outside of this famed album, they are known for very experimental vapour and vaporwave. A great example of this is their album Tusop. They have worked with Geometric Lullaby and Bedlam Tapes, among others and most recently, released ³ᴿᴰ Heaven.


Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
YouTube | Soundcloud | Sample

Incarta ’95

A vaporwave producer and founder of floppy disk vapor label STRUDELSOFT as well as the illustrious Lost Angles, Incarta ‘95 looks to bring a vibrant and unique sound to Late Night Lights. Whether it be the oddly soothing sounds of their latest release, VIA RAIL, or the wild unbridled energy of Into The Goblin Forest, there’s a lot of variety in their eclectic discography.

Bandcamp | Twitter  

Infinity Frequencies

A signalwave master, Infinity Frequencies is a legendary artist in the vaporwave scene. Their famed Computer trilogy represents some of the most popular vaporwave releases to date and should be in your “must listen” folder when learning about vaporwave! That’s to say nothing of their more recent releases, which are of equal renown; Between Two Worlds and Exit Simulation are incredible sonic adventures in their own right.

Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Internet Club

Where would vaporwave be without Internet Club. Another titan from the early days of the genre, IC helped push the boundaries of what this genre is capable of. They are known for such classics as Webinar and Redefining the Workplace. With controversial albums like Freed from the World, it will leave you puzzled, but curious.




A London-based artist who specializes in vaporpop. Though not one of the longest tenured artists on the list, they’ve developed a great signature sound and style that allows them to stand all on their own. Their first album, Romantic walks to the middle of nowhere released in 2019 and they worked with Aloe City Records to release Hot Singles in Your Area in 2020.


Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample

J Sanders

When they are not putting together some of the most delicious mixes on Youtube, Jsanders is perfecting their craft as the worst producer in the world…at least that’s what they have plastered on their Bandcamp. If you have not heard their albums like “Our Menu” then you’ve for sure heard one of their mixes like “Dollar Menu” and “Back in Style,” which have garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Bandcamp | YouTube | Soundcloud


Standing above even the music itself, the air of professionalism that everything Limousine puts out stands above the rest. A level of polish and attention to fine detail surrounds everything he produces, from power rock to the most classic of classic vapor. His music is imbued with confidence that exudes from it as it plays, something that many a listener has picked up on, contributing to his rising popularity with each year that passes.


Bandcamp | Instagram  

Lost Traveler ロスト

With releases dating back to just September of 2021, Lost Traveler ロスト has exploded onto the scene, delivering several phenomenal late night lo-fi releases in an astonishingly short stretch. First, there was Twin Elegance released on Bogus Collective, and just recently Balanced, as well as a compilation of non-album tracks. It’s truly impressive how quickly Lost Traveler ロスト have managed to establish themselves as an essential listen!


Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud


There is no other vaporwave artist more synonymous with late night lo-fi than luxury elite. Transporting people to late night city streets since 2012 and coining the genre, they have been in the game for a long time. They have released multiple albums that are generally considered essential vaporwave listens. Perhaps most famously, luxury elite collaborated with the likes of Saint Pepsi, releasing the album late night delight together. Other well-known and well-loved albums include world class and prism. Most recently they released the exquisite blue eyeshadow.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud | Sample


One of the artists most synonymous with slushwave in the vaporwave community. They weave worlds of sound with their ambient, slushy tracks. MindSpring has been releasing music from their home city of Chicago since 2014. They have worked with numerous well-known labels, such as Geometric Lullaby, Underwater Computing, and Aloe City Records. Some of their notable albums include Gateway 2000, The Safe Inside Chronicles, @_@, and the incomparable The Binary Ocean, an album that has seen a 3XLP release, a vaporwave first.


Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
Soundcloud | Sample

Notorious Secret

With hypnotic and dreamy tracks, Notorious Secret rides the line between slushwave and vaporwave. Their track “Without You” is something straight out of a Desert Sands album in the best way possible. Big things are sure to come from this new arrival on the scene.


Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud

Opus Science Collective

OSC has an absolutely insane number of releases to their name, covering an impressive number of sounds. In the vaporwave scene, they’re responsible for the renowned future funk release Girls on Bikes, but that barely even begins to scratch the surface of their overall portfolio. Amongst their discography, you can also find a series of ambient albums inspired by Adventure Time, as well as Yume No Machi, a city-pop inspired release that received an alternate version titled Yume No Machi (Vapor Edition).

Bandcamp | Twitter


A specialist in late night lo-fi from Stockholm, Sweden. Paradise of Yesterday has released a great deal of incredible music, with an impressive output.  This is true not only on the audio side, but the visual side as well. The combination of their entrancing late night tracks and well-crafted album art by countless talented visualists makes for an amazing package. They have worked with labels such as Gorgeous Lights, Neo Motel, and Dark Web Recordings. Their most recent album, Eden, was released through Underwater Computing.

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Sample

P A T H S パス

From the state of Minnesota comes the well-known dreampunk artist, P A T H S パス. They have a sizable body of work under a variety of names. In October of 2020, they even released a Halloween vaporwave album, The Last Halloween . The community may know them for albums such as C L E A N S I N G P O O L‘ and ビジョンログ: G R O V E (Vision Log: GROVE.) Despite mainly being a dreampunk artist, they have also produced some great late night lo-fi, as can be seen in their album A l o n e A t M i d n i g h t.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud
Facebook | Sample

Penthouse Suite

Penthouse Suite’s sound is easy to figure just by looking at the artist’s name. With an emphasis on officesoft and luxurywave releases, they bring a lush, rich sound that feels right at home alongside the likes of late night lo-fi. They’ve had releases featured on the likes of Tiger Blood Tapes, Lemon Lime Music, First Class Collective, and Tropical Toucan Records, among many others.


Bandcamp | Twitter


An artist who truly embodies the cyberpunk aesthetic, Prekursor is an artist who makes ambient soundscapes with haunting, droning and futuristic textures. Their music is one that is always accompanied by a story to place the listener in the sonically created dystopian future. If vaporwave invokes a feeling of nostalgia for a time that never existed, then Prekursor’s music can be said to dread a future you hope will never come to be. Prekursor has also created some visuals for Late Night Lights II!


Bandcamp | Facebook


Based in Germany, PUDERPOLLI is exceptionally talented at exploring a variety of aesthetics and sounds. While their albums generally center around a style influenced equally by the loop structure of classic vapor and refinement of effects that was pioneered in later usages of slushwave, they each manage to have a very targeted flavor to them, tailored to the accompanying visual themes.




A vaporwave artist out of the Dominican Republic who has been producing top notch late night lo-fi since 2018. They have collaborated with the likes of echoflange, BABEFAKE, PanPan, MALO 420, 27 U H F, and more. Their aesthetic really brings to mind a classic vaporwave feel, and they have been featured by labels such as Bogus Collective, Dark Web Recordings, and Caribbean Ventures LLC. Check them out on Bandcamp and listen to their newest release, simple like that for yourself!

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud | Sample


A brilliant synthpop producer, Seggito brings a splash of vaporwave to the affair, creating a truly refreshing sound for themselves. Despite their relative recency to the scene, they’ve nonetheless been featured on FOTOSHOPPE CO, with their EP Morning Haze even receiving a cassette release. If you act fast, there might even be a tape left to scoop up! Their most recent release, Mental Dive, dropped this past November.

Bandcamp | Twitter  


Sport3000 is a vaporwave artist who is in no need of introduction. They have a prolific release schedule as well as a myriad of side projects and releases on all manner of labels from Geometric Lullaby to theInfinitipool, and of course, their own label, Dark Web Recordings. Sport3000 is a hard artist to miss.



Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample

Strip Silence

StripSilence is an artist from Oregon who recently jumped into the scene with 2 albums at the start of this year, Yard Sale PC and Zero Crossing Hour. His music is a combination of various vapor elements, such as classical, signalwave, lo-fi.






Hailing back to some of the earliest points in vaporwave’s timeline, SYLLABUS’ sound mixes the original ethos of composition that many artists of that time followed. Through this, however, they have also managed to create a specific, icy texture to their mixing in order to shine through as a unique name with a unique vision. Having released a remastered version of their classic album July in recent months, they have made it clear that this style of production is as fresh as ever.

Bandcamp | Twitter 

That’s Matt!

From the ashes of dubstep and future funk, That’s Matt! Has hit the ground running creating bop after bop. Though he has mostly released singles, they are diamonds in the ruff. This all leads to a bombastic experience with party tracks like “Tossin’ & Turnin’”. His most recent track is a splash of nu-disco funk called “Where You At?”


Bandcamp | Soundcloud

thor cb

One of the returning lo-fi artists lending their talents to the second Late Night Lights, thor cb’s Bandcamp offers releases across a variety of genres, dating back to around 2016. From lo-fi pop, to classic vaporwave, to ambient, they have you covered. Their release, dreaming of a thousand daylilies, dropped on FOTOSHOPPE CO., while with karaoke accents  received a cassette release through Gorgeous Lights.


Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample

Topaz Gang

A skater, punky feel seems to have always hung out around the works of Topaz Gang since their emergence, its existence almost an enveloped nostalgia within the music they produce. Refusal to present themselves entirely in one way or too seriously ended up helping in part to cement their persistence in the vapor scene through the years, their existence dating almost back to the inception of the genre along with many other great names. Because of this, you can expect some classic style and future funk of a great caliber.

Bandcamp | Soundcloud


A prevalent producer of signalwave and late night lo-fi, TV2 excels in creating music that feels exceedingly soft to the ears, managing to produce driving beats that simultaneously manage to feel powerfully relaxing. From their work within their main alias to others produced on the side, this fragility evoked from a sample is an impressive note that adds a unique flavor to each track, and to the whole of TV2’s discography.


Bandcamp| Twitter

Unknown Caller

It is difficult to talk about Unknown Caller’s music in an entirely serious fashion, though this is mostly due to the fact that the artist themself rarely presents it in such a manner. Much of their work spreads over many different styles, always maintaining an aura of tongue-in-cheek with its choice of design and choice of aesthetic. Through this, however, they manage to create a very unique approach to both sound and visual design, expressing a controlled chaos in total sincerity.


Bandcamp | Twitter Soundcloud

VAAV Social Club

With a melange of synth, plunderphonics, and lofi, VAAV Social Club always makes you guess what is coming next. Having appeared on the scene in 2017 they’ve had a while to perfect their mixes and tunes, with experimental visuals to boot. As of their latest album 瞬間 (sucesos) they have begun to dabble in chillwave.


Bandcamp | Instagram| YouTube

V A P O R S O F T W O R K S 蒸気ソフト

Name a genre and V A P O R S O F T W O R K S 蒸気ソフトhas probably tried it out. With an extraordinary penchant for sliding from genre to genre between releases, they’ve practically released too much to be able to effectively keep track of, be it the amazing mallsoft release Ashville Mall, the future funk trilogy of Palm Sky, or more recently, the late night lo-fi of Midsummer. And they’ve appeared on just about every label imaginable from Elemental 95, to Seaside Tapes, Halcyon Tapes, and more.



A Chicago-based producer, VentureX is an artist with nearly a decade worth of releases with all manner of wild experimentations in sound. Nowhere is this better exemplified than on their two albums appropriately titled VentureX Does Hip Hop, in which they lean into hip hop soundscapes. This strays from their regular sound, which they self-describe as french house and nudisco.They have appeared on a number of vaporwave labels, including Tiger Blood Tapes as
well as the famed Fortune 500.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud

VHS Logos

One of the most well-known representatives of the blossoming Brazilian vaporwave scene, VHS Logos’ music is a prime example of classic vapor. Catchy loops, stunning sample choice, and a sprinkling of psychedelic effects work creates a situation that is as easy to relax to as it is to dance, something that many a live show he’s been part of can attest to. Mantra is a common pick for many vaporwave listeners when selecting their favorite albums, and it’s not hard to see why.


Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud| Youtube


 VHSテープリワインダー (VHS Taperewinder) is a mood setter if nothing else. The South Korean producer has made some stunning works that rivel others in the genre such as Waterfront Dining and Lux Elite. They are known best perhaps for the haunting and beautiful “Red Light District” which released back in 2015 on Dream Catalouge. You can enjoy their latest album “Night Thoughts” on their Bandcamp.


Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud

Vito James Genovese

Known for operating the vaporwave label with the largest number of digital releases, Vito’s label DMT Tapes FL, based in Port Richey, FL, is home to many great albums by producers such as 猫 シ Corp, Waterfront Dining, and Dan Mason. If you can’t find a release you’re interested in on DMT, you’re not going to find one anywhere!


Bandcamp | Twitter

Xenon Masters

With releases dating back to 2018’s Geneva’s Freaks River, this Colombian vaporwave producer has transformed their sound quite a bit through the years. Their first release, while utilizing a more classic sound, has given way to delightful sounding late night lo-fi. Their latest albums, SUPERMARKET MORNINGS, ATLANTIS BAR, and most recently, SKYLINE DELUXE  represent some of the best late night lo-fi you’re likely to find, and their music has been released through a number of notable labels like Cityman Productions, Coraspect, and First Class Collective.

Bandcamp | Soundcloud


A veteran producer in the vaporwave scene, Xiomara is an experimental producer from Detroit who joined the vaporwave scene in 2014. Xiomara’s music can be described as vaporwave with darkwave and trap elements, which you can hear for yourself on releases like NEW MIAMI 20XX.


Bandcamp | Twitter


A newcomer that got their start with a couple of synthpop and mallsoft EP’s, YUNG CRYSTAL ネオン looks to bring their fresh sound to perk up Late Night Lights! While releases like VI®TUOUS R€TAIL // モールで迷子 2001 represented a starting point, more recently YUNG CRYSTAL ネオン has released a series of late night lo-fi singles such as “CD MEMORIES ディスク”and “SUBARU 1996 ドライブ,” perfectly positioning them to join in on the festivities!


Bandcamp | Soundcloud

식료품groceries (JPEGSTRIPES)

While the general kitsch that comes with the shopping-based aesthetic of 식료품groceries’ music has not changed, nearly everything else has between each of his iconic trilogy of albums. From the mixture of effects, choices of samples, and even the base instrumentation that builds the music, nothing stays the same between the wild experimentation of each, setting a bar for any other album that attempts to approach the standard they have set. From mallsoft to midijams, there’s something within the selections for even a picky listener to pluck out.

Bandcamp | TwitterSample


One of the artists gracing Late Night Lights, 회사AUTO has a long history of releases, with their first dating all the way back to 2012, a year that is now distressingly a decade away! Their latest release, last September’s IX: The Noir Collection follows in the footsteps of Manic Pixie Dream Boy from 2020, a wild ride featuring a huge cast of guest collaborators including Golden Living Room, Sangam, and more.


Bandcamp | Twitter | Sample   

ミスト M Y S T

Myst is cool.

Bandcamp | Facebook




A veteran of glitchy, expirimental videos, Aitso has shared just a fraction of their talent with us today. Since 2005 Aitso has been distorting our perception of reality with haunting glitched out photos and videos. Some of their notable work includes the music video for Land of Talk’s “Calming Night Partner.”

YouTube | Instagram | Website



When he is not getting lost in the sauce, Bruce Rav aka Pizza Slut is documenting Toronto’s music underground. He is one part film maker, one part photographer and a full time Pizza enjoyer.

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A little passionate about the aesthetics of the 90s, addicted to old consoles and a little known as a musician. Default.cfg is the creator of Vaporwave Tapes Brasil and co-creator of the amazing ATMO label and responsible for the designs of artists 空YAMAHA, coldvenice, among other notable artists.

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Demodawg has been an invaluable part of the Utopia District team. Before Late Night Lights, Demodawg provided visuals for the Utopia District Podcast. Additionally, they run the news page for UD.


Dub Prophet

A prolific content creator, Dub Prophet has made nostalgic trips into the past for the likes of Haircuts for Men and Luxury Elite. Travel back to a simpler, more fun time with any one of dub’s music videos.


Indy Advant

Journalist, filmmaker, visual storyteller, and more! Indy has been exploring what exactly vaporwave is and its implications on the listener since 2013 when ElFamosoDemon released his Private Caller video on YouTube. An avid vaporwave physicals collector and active participant in the scene. A passionate supporter of the community.

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Keneticwav is a visual artist, model, blogger and writer who specializes in hyper stylized visions of the past. Her art is notable for it’s warm and vibrant colors, mainly red and orange. They remind the viewer of a welcoming summer morning or the end to a memorable day. Her visuals pop, and demand the viewer’s full attention.

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late Arcane

Late Arcane’s art is as surreal as their music. It’s glitchy, alien-like but with a hint of hopefulness that gives the entire experience new life. Based in Manchester, Late Arcane streams on Twitch to showcase music and visuals alike.

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Also known as Anthony Diaz, Moriebender is a digital artist that specializes in blending video together to create a washed out kaleidoscope of colors and sounds. Addition to his video work, Diaz also prints mezmerizing prints that can send you on just as wild of a trip.

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Not much is known about the elusive Moonspeed. Late Night Lights II will be their debut performance as a visual artist.



Pixel8ter is another well-known video and visual artist, specializing in videogame and anime mashups. He provides visuals for a lot of Philidelphia’s vapor scene and has done visual sets for Pad Chennington and Saint Pepsi.


Siphonophore AV

A visual artist out of Houston, TX, Siphonophore AV prefers to use negative filters and harsh cuts to showcase a chaotic display. They have done music videos for a handful of underground acts, all of which you can find on their Youtube channel.

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From Washington, Tesseractive is a multimedia visual and audio artist. Much like early vaporwave and underground electronic music, Tesseractive seems to defy conventional understanding. Their use of bright colors and audio mixing is reminiscent of early hip hop and plunderphonics

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Shanpu is a visual artist from Bulgaria who is heavily influenced by retro anime aesthetics. They are also the founder of Neon Japan Records, a small online collaboration that just released its second album this year.


Spike Stephens

From Colorado, Spike Stephens is a man of two worlds and two passions: vaporwave and wildlife. Though the two don’t exactly mix in his work, Spike Stephens colors the black digital void with neon colors and shapes, the perfect complement to some OSC.

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Videodrome TV

VideodromeTV is an analog/digital project created by using modified video mixers from the 1990s.
With the use of found footage, VDTV presents a visual aesthetic specifically tailored to create an unearthed feel, and continually finds new ways to bend the visual medium in on itself.

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Arguably one of the most prolific visual artists in the vaporwave scene, touching nearly ever single livestreaming vapor / future funk event in 2020, they are a true master of their craft, and continue
to push the envelope for the boundless
possibilities of vaporwave visual art.

..But seriously, vaporwave wouldn’t exist without the incredible visual art now so seamlessly tied hand in hand with the music. When you see “Self”, that means the musician prepared the visual video edit for their set themselves, as well as the music. 



Journalist, filmmaker, visual storyteller, Indy Advant has been exploring what exactly vaporwave is and its implications on the listener since 2013 when ElFamosoDemon released his Private Caller video on YouTube. An avid vaporwave physicals collector and active participant in the in the scene, and a true supporter of the community.

Former content creator, team lead, and writer at Private Suite Mag, Indy has recently launched a new project with hopes of being a uniting intermediary for the vaporwave community. Check out Utopia District the Late Night Lights festival would not have been possible without the dedicated people that make up the project.






Jcard designer, video editor and pizza connoisseur PizzaSlut first started working the vaporwave space when he photographed Aessential 2019, long time fan of vaporwave and futurefunk due to YouTube’s pervasive algorithm and Pizza’s penchant for anime got many classics infront of him and thus started an interest in the scene How do you make a pizza in 3 steps?

Step 1: Get It Ready. Get the dough and look at it and pat it and say “that’s a nice dough” and put the cheese and pepperoni on the dough with the sauce you know?
Step 2: Put It in the Oven and then set the oven to 475 degrees. Wait 10-15 min, do a dance maybe a jig
Step 3: Open the oven carefully and pull out that beautiful pizza to bask in its glory

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Charavale (Zack)


Charavale aka Zack is a long-time lover of anime, cyberpunk, and internet culture, so naturally, vaporwave was a perfect fit for him. He started as a contributor for Private Suite Magazine and is now the writing co-lead for Utopia District. 


Zack’s current project is a vaporwave-inspired cyberpunk series called “Shadows in Neon City” with a physical book soon to be available for the vapor-masses.








After ravenously listening to as much vaporwave as he possibly could for years, gbanas92 eventually decided to do something with all that passion, contributing a number of articles to Private Suite Magazine before its unfortunate closure.

This led to his joining up with the Utopia District team, to continue to writing about vaporwave about as much as humanly possible. Reviews, news, and anything in between. When he’s not listening to vaporwave, something that happens admittedly rarely, he is probably playing PlayStation way more than he should. Either that or watching hockey.



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Visual Artists




All Hell Breaks Loops

3D Artist, video artist, and DJ. All Hell Breaks Loops is quickly gaining a reputation for the best vaporwave afterparties and livestreams around. Time and again raising the bar in the vapor visuals community! Booking/commissions are open!

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Pocari Online

Pocari Online got its start in 2017 as Pocari Sweat; a monthly vaporwave & future funk night in San Diego. Resident DJ’s Uglatto & No Genki showcase guest talent and use a CRT video installation to bring the interactive vapor vibes to the masses. Keeping with the IRL tradition, Pocari Online is always a LIVE show. Truly an audiovisual experience like no other.

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Miss the 2020 Late Night Lights festival? Check it out here!


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