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July 16th & 17th 2022


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Join us for an exciting two day late night lo-fi livestreaming event. So get your tv dinners, get your popcorn and soft drinks, get your chips, and get comfy. We’ve got a showcase for you we’ll never forget.

The stream will begin, and be embedded at the top of this site, on:

December 5th & 6th 11:00AM EST

Saturday & Sunday

Presented by:
Gorgeous Lights & Utopia District



⭐ 44 Musicians ⭐

Ancient Fan Death Studios, Astro TV System, 天気予報 (Asu Tenki), b o d y l i n e, BABEFAKE, 猫 シ Corp., 夢のチャンネル (Channel of Dreams), channel select, Cologne Terminal, Cosmic Cycler, Diskette Park, Epson, E U P H O R I A 永遠の, Forgotten Choir, Hallmark’87, Hantasi, IInothingII, Invisible Lover, J_ade_, Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza, Lovers Entwined, Lucid Beach’85, Luxury Elite, Mindspring Memories, Paradise of Yesterday, P A T H S パス, Replica Federation, S.a.x., Sev, secretflowers, SkyTwoHigh, Sport3000, thor cb, t i m e シェア 94’,
™CENTURY, Toad Computers, Trademarks & Copyrights, Turntboi95, Videofashion, 死夢VANITY, VVVX Software, w u s o 命, Zhurnal Mod, 회사AUTO

⭐ 19 Visual Artists ⭐


/// /, All Hell Breaks Loops, billy galaxy, BootyWizardAV, Chiefahleaf, default.cfg, Glitch Devil Edit’s, IndyAdvant, Kid Neon, layers of irony, MysticPanda, Prekursor, Room 208, Sleep Pattern, squizzlekop, Stuad^Dib, VideodromeTV, WillWade, _Gutter

⭐ 2 Thirst Quenching After Parties ⭐

All Hell Breaks Loops

Pocari Online





Ancient Fan Death Studios is a relatively new artist in the vaporwave scene. They began under the moniker in June 2020, with their first album “w e l c o m e”. They are from Tulsa, Oklahoma and have collaborated with other artists in the area, such as mmmtorbs. Afds has already proven to be a master of late night lo-fi, getting their music released on well known and prestigious labels like Seikomart and Gorgeous Lights.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
YouTube | Sample


Asu Tenki is well known as the person to popularize signalwave, otherwise known as broken transmission. They have been producing music since 2017 and are a staple of the vaporwave community. Their work elicits thoughts of surfing the radio and tv frequencies that permeated the air of the ‘80s and ‘90s. At times they also bleed into the genres of late night lo-fi and climatewave.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud
YouTube | Sample


A vaporwave artist based in the beautiful country of Peru. BABEFAKE began on bandcamp in 2016 and the rest is history. They have cemented themselves in the vaporwave community as one of the best at producing late night lo-fi and slushwave. They have been featured by countless well known and respected labels, such as Dark Web Recordings, Underwater Computing, and Gorgeous Lights.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud | Sample

b o d y l i n e

A relatively early vaporwave artist, who is still producing vaporwave today. They made their debut in 2012, with a huge single “Sunset Shell” in 2013. Many people remember them as one of the first vaporwave artists they ever heard. They specialize in slowjams and lo-fi. Not many artists have been in the scene as long as Bodyline. One quick listen and their years of experience are obvious.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud
Tumblr | Sample

channel select

Beginning on Bandcamp in 2018, channel select hit the ground running with their terrific NIGHTLINE album. They are one of the few attendees of Late Night Lights to not only produce late night lo-fi music, but also futurefunk and nu disco. They have also been featured multiple times on the popular Business Casual label. Two of their hits include “sails” and “NEW AIR”. The latter is still available on cassette.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample

Cologne Terminal

A vaporwave producer out of France,
specializing in coldwave and computer gaze. Their first Bandcamp release was in February of 2019. Their current albums include
Wall and Interloper. These were released on Dark Web Recordings and Gorgeous Lights respectively. The number of tracks in their albums are lengthy (in a good way!) and the range of sound experiences diverse.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud | Sample


An artist who released their first album in November of 2018. They produce high quality ambient, signalwave, and slushwave music. Much of their more recent work can be found on the highly regarded Aloe City Records label. They claim to be inspired by their music dreams, hence the name.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
Spotify | Sample

Cosmic Cycler

A headliner of the event, Cosmic Cycler
is an artist whose skill in late night lo-fi and climatewave is well known. You will be hard pressed to find many artists, or fans in the community for that matter, who don’t know their name. Well-known albums include
C and 1-900-WEATHER. They are based in Russia and have been releasing hit after hit since 2015. Their set is sure to be a treat.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample


Owner of legendary label Ailanthus Recordings. Scott Michael, a Pennsylvania artist who goes under many aliases, including but not limited to: NYKDLN, ADHD NFL BLITZ, and ‘ ‘ ‘ NEW FIGURE VARIETY. They began making vaporwave in 2010, only one year after the inception of the vaporwave genre. Their music spans a wide variety of genres within vaporwave. One genre they produce is late night lo-fi,
and are known by lo-fi fans for

Bandcamp | Facebook | Sample

Diskette Park

An artist from New Orleans who began in 2015, but really took off in 2019 with a constant stream of quality music. Their work consists of late night lo-fi, signalwave, and mallsoft, among other varied styles. They have been featured on business casual, including their latest album Community. They have also worked with Gulf Audio and Underwater Computing. In addition, Diskette Park worked with Private Suite Magazine to release the cassette of their album, Curve Sequences, directly to its readers.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
Tumblr | Sample


A more recent artist out of Seattle who has produced some great albums this year, including SPACE CAMP and BROADCASTING. They are no stranger to collaborations, having worked with channel select, $ENTRIC, and videofashion. They’ve also had some of their music featured on the Gorgeous Lights label. Their lo-fi music style and plunderphonics fit right at home on the label, and this event.

Bandcamp | Sample

E U P H O R I A 永遠の

An artist whose origins lie in the very earliest works of telepath, but have been deftly spun into a sound all their own. Despite their relatively short tenure, they rapidly accrued a following thanks to their half-dozen slushwave albums, most notably culminating in S T A R D U S T   R O A D. The cassette released through Underwater Computing_ sold out almost immediately.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Spotify | Sample



Forgotten Choir (Afterdeath Television) is a relatively new artist in the vaporwave community, releasing their first album in February of 2020. Based in Brazil, they bring a unique perspective to the table. Their works perfectly encompass the late-night cityscape feel, which made them a perfect match for our event. They have released 12 albums at the time of writing. Their most recent album is “The Beauty of This Song”, released on the 24th of October.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
YouTube | Sample


A late night lo-fi and mallsoft artist. Based in Narvon, Pennsylvania, they have been producing their music since 2017. They made their start with the album Conservation Pieces,  dedicated to the Owings Mall. The mall is now dead, and barely recognizable as what it once was. They have worked with Night Light Tapes, DMT Tapes, and Gorgeous Lights.

Bandcamp | TwitterSample



An artist who is often credited with making the first hit vaporwave mallsoft album, Vacant Spaces, all the way back in 2012. Other than this album, they are known for very experimental vapour and vaporwave. A great example of this is their album Tusop. They have worked with Geometric Lullaby and Bedlam Tapes, among others.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
YouTube | Soundcloud | Sample


An alternate persona of the artist eccodroid, a popular vaporwave artist out of Argentina. Many of these works are featured on DMT Tapes. Invisible Lover has a more traditional vaporwave feel, compared to his more pop-like eccodroid persona. The way this artist juggles personas and genres makes their creativity and talent even more apparent.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
Soundcloud | Sample


A London based artist who specializes in vaporpop. They are a pretty recent up and coming artist and have already developed a great signature sound and style. Most of their music is either from 2019 or 2020, with their first album Romantic walks to the middle of nowhere. This is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample


A collaboration between the vaporwave legend
t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 and Agia. This collaboration has released multiple albums recently under the Lovers Entwined name. Some of these albums include
Every Time I See Your Eyes, The Light of Our Love, and Unison. Most recently they released the album, The Way, on the prestigious label, Hiraeth Records, run by 猫 シ Corp.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Website
YouTube | Sample


There is no other vaporwave artist more synonymous with late night lo-fi than luxury elite. Transporting people to late night city streets since 2012 and coining the genre, they have been in the game for a long time. They have released multiple albums that are considered by many to be essential vaporwave listening. In addition, luxury elite has even collaborated with the likes of Saint Pepsi, releasing the album late night delight together. Other well-known and well-loved albums include world class and prism.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud | Sample

Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza

The creator of some awesome and classic late night lo-fi. Based out of Rio De Janeiro, they have been producing since 2013. Their hit, Daily Night Euphoria EP, was released on Business Casual. More recently, they have produced an album trilogy under the name SLOW MIDNIGHT. In addition to Business Casual, they have also released albums with Gorgeous Lights and Asura Revolver.

BandcampFacebook | Sample


One of the artists most synonymous with slushwave in the vaporwave community. They weave worlds of sound with their ambient, slushy tracks. MindSpring has been releasing music from their home city of Chicago since 2014. They have worked with numerous well known labels, such as Geometric Lullaby, Underwater Computing, and Aloe City Records. Some of their notable albums include Gateway 2000, The Safe Inside Chronicles, and @_@.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
Soundcloud | Sample


Another headliner, this time out of Houston, Texas. Known for hit albums such as Modern Living and Virtual Loneliness. They have had countless collaborations with the likes of VirtualRealityDeluxe, MIDI에서, 超高 Titan, and more. They have been featured on NO PROBLEMA TAPES and DMT Tapes, among others. Their works span albums with more traditional vaporwave to some much more experimental styles.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
YouTube | Spotify | Sample


A specialist in late night lo-fi from Stockholm, Sweden. Paradise has released a great deal of very well put together albums. This is true not only on the audio side, but the visual side as well. The combination of their entrancing late night tracks and well-crafted album art by countless talented visualists makes for an amazing package. They have worked with labels such as Gorgeous Lights, Neo Motel, and Dark Web Recordings. Their most recent  album, Glamour, was released on the Neo Motel label .

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Sample

P A T H S パス

From the state of Minnesota comes the well known dreampunk artist, P A T H S パス. They have a sizable body of works under a variety of names. This past October they even released a Halloween vaporwave album. The community may know them for albums such as C L E A N S I N G P O O L” and ビジョンログ: G R O V E (“Vision Log: GROVE”). Despite mainly being a dreampunk artist, they can also produce some great late night lo-fi, as can be seen in their album A l o n e A t M i d n i g h t.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud
Facebook | Sample

Replica Federation

A top notch producer of late night lo-fi out of Houston, Texas. The fact that this artist has teamed up with waterfront dining should alone  speak their high caliber. This legendary collaboration is called Saturday Night Special and was released on the DMT Records label. A Night at Two Kings, released on the First Class Collective label. If you have never heard of them before, they are definitely worth a listen.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample


A vaporwave artist out of the Dominican Republic who has been producing top notch late night lo-fi since 2018. They have collaborated with the likes of echoflange, BABEFAKE, MALO 420, and 27 U H F. Their aesthetic really brings to mind that classic vaporwave feel. They have been featured by labels such as Bogus Collective, Dark Web Recordings, and Carribean Ventures LLC. Check them out on bandcamp and listen to their mastery of late night lo-fi for yourself.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud | Sample


This Florida-based artist burst onto the drone scene in 2019 with their self-titled debut. Across their subsequent releases, they’ve begun exploring every inch of what drone and ambient music have to offer. You can even scoop up their debut on cassette over on their bandcamp. And their most recent album Mirage was a featured cassette release on Gorgeous Lights.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample


This Rhode Island based artist debuted in mid-2019, with their album 777 appearing on multiple labels This includes cassette runs, of which several are still available on Nostalgia Lounge. Sev is something of a swiss-army knife, able to deftly shift between all manner of sound— be it classic vapor, future funk, chip tune, or anything in between.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample


A fresh face in vaporwave, SkyTwoHigh actually made their debut here in 2020. With a few synth-based ambient releases to their name already, and their new album release on Nov 27th, LOVE LOST FOREVER! Check out their album 東京に忘れた夢 on Gorgeous Lights! Tapes released the same batch as that of another artist from the event, secretflowers!

Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook | Sample


One of the headliners for the event, Sport3000 is a vaporwave artist who is in no need of introduction. With a prolific release schedule as well as myriad side projects (some of which are also performing during Late Night Lights), with releases on all manner of labels, from Geometric Lullaby to theInfinitipool, and of course their own label, Dark Web Recordings.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample

thor cb

Another of the lo-fi artists lending their talents to Late Night Lights, thor cb’s bandcamp offers releases across a variety of genres, dating back to around 2016. From lo-fi pop, to classic vaporwave, to ambient, they have you covered. Their latest release, dreaming of a thousand daylilies, released earlier this year and dropped on FOTOSHOPPE CO.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample

t i m e シェア 94’

The vaporwave duo responsible for helping bring TimeSlave Recordings and My Pet Flamingo into existence. With forays into multiple corners of vaporwave, they are one of the more recognizable names of the genre. Their most recent release is Couples Resort®, a collaboration with waterfront dining, and they’re also responsible for the seminal vaporwave album Malibu Condos V2.0.

Twitter | Sample

Toad Computers

One of Angel Marcloid’s numerous side projects, Toad Computers is an experimental spinoff that is unafraid of delving into the truly bizarre corners of vaporwave. Utilizing elements of just about every subgenre you can think of to some degree, be it mallsoft, broken transmission, lo-fi, or others. The project’s most recent release is a signalwave split with qualchan which dropped on No Problema Tapes. 

Bandcamp | Twitter Sample

Trademarks & Copyrights

This Argentinian artist is nothing if not prolific, with more than twenty releases to their name. This includes some substantial collaborations with artists such as waterfront dining, as well as releases spread across many of vaporwave’s very best labels: Lost Angles, RKM Records, and more.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook | Sample


A renowned future funk artist, turntboi95 has had their music all over the scene for years, bringing phenomenal bits and an energy that makes future funk such an endearing corner of vaporwave. With releases that have popped all over, they’ve got albums on Elemental 95 and are part of the collectives for both My Pet Flamingo and TAPEPOP.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample

死夢 Vanity

Yet another of the pre-eminent lo-fi names in vaporwave, 死夢 Vanity has been a cornerstone of the scene for many vaporwave fans for years. Having released their first album in a few years barely a month ago, serenade season marks a most joyous return for one of
lo-fi’s key contributors.

Bandcamp | Sample


One of the pre-eminent lo-fi artists, videofashion and the label they they made key contributions to (the now shuttered FANTASY☆DELUXE), represented, and in many ways still do, the key place to go to get your lo-fi fix. With instantly recognizable album art and a style all their own, Videofashion is a perfect choice to join the Late Night Lights lineup.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | Sample

 VVVX Software 

A side project of Sport3000 that explores some different sonic landscapes than one might normally expect, VVVX Software is able to dive into some darker, internet-centric sounds, with their latest release 情報ネットワーク(“Information Network”)  even getting a cassette release over on Gorgeous Lights.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Soundcloud
YouTube | Sample

w u s o 命

A dreampunk artist with origins firmly in dark ambient music, w u s o 命 in more recent days has pivoted their sound to one more closely aligned with dreampunk, an ever-expanding genre— even seeing their releases grace both PURE LIFE and Dream Catalogue.

Bandcamp | Twitter | YouTube | Sample

Zhurnal Mod

Likely one of the first names to come to mind when thinking about the lo-fi scene, is Zhurnal Mod. With a staggering body of work spanning over just 3 years, Zhurnal Mod has turned out an impressive array of lo-fi greats, as well as having a huge part in the monumental Slushwave Experience released via Global Pattern.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Sample


A name that’s made the rounds among vaporwave circles for years – dating all the way back to 2016- lucid beach85’ has been making addictive late night lo-fi soundscapes for quite a while now. With a brilliant, understated sound all their own, their music has grown and changed as the years have worn on, seeing releases across several key labels, including a particularly brilliant tape drop on Global Pattern for their album タイムトラベル (time travel).

Bandcamp | Sample

猫 シ CORP.

An artist who hardly needs an introduction. One of the biggest names in the vaporwave community who serves as both a producer and label owner. They began the cat corp project in 2013 and have been in the scene ever since. They are probably most well known for their hit mallsoft albums like Palm Mall and News at 11. They no doubt have something special in store for Late Night Lights.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
Facebook | Sample


One of the artists gracing Late Night Lights with a long history of releases, their first all the way back in 2012. Their latest release, August’s Manic Pixie Dream Boy, is a wild ride featuring a huge cast of guest collaborators including Golden Living Room, Sangam, and more.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Sample

Astro TV System

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Bandcamp | TwitterSample

Visual Artists


GUTTER is a multimedia artist and designer from Detroit, MI specializing in live VJ performance. They use psychedelic and experimental interpretations of VHS, retro video games, and ephemeral media to paint colorful and erratic digital compositions. Gutter is the resident VJ for acclaimed URL show Terrible Tuesdays, a weekly internet radio
show on hosted by DJ Girl.

Instagram | Twitter | Sample



SquizzleKop is a Multimedia Artist currently specializing in Audiovisual work. Based out of Tampa, Florida, their work utilizes a mixture of creative coding techniques as well as traditional video editing to try and tap into the heart of a subject, regardless of what it is, in order to make it flow on screen. From the very big projects down to the super small edits you can tell there’s a
little kiss of love in there.

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Sample


VideodromeTV is an analog/digital project created by using modified video mixers from the 1990s.
With the use of found footage, VDTV presents a visual aesthetic specifically tailored to create an unearthed feel, and continually finds new ways to bend the visual medium in on itself.

Instagram | Twitch | YouTubeSample


A little passionate about the aesthetics of the 90s, addicted to old consoles and a little known as a musician. Default.cfg is the creator of Vaporwave Tapes Brasil and co-creator of the amazing ATMO label and responsible for the designs of artists 空YAMAHA, Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza, coldvenice, and some other notable artists.

Twitter | YouTube | Sample

Indy Advant

Journalist, filmmaker, visual storyteller, Indy has been exploring what exactly vaporwave is and its implications on the listener since 2013 when ElFamosoDemon released his Private Caller video on YouTube. An avid vaporwave physicals collector and active participant in the in the scene, and a passionate supporter of the community.

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Sample

billy galaxy

Billy Galaxy is a multidisciplinary artist that is continually aiming to improve his visionary skills. Often collaborating with other visual artists, his work has supported bass music and vaporwave music events. Primarily using the software TouchDesigner, Billy Galaxy has shown proficiency with both digital assets and practical custom fabricated devices for his reality bending visuals.

Instagram | Twitter | Twitch | Sample

All Hell Breaks Loops

3D Artist, video artist, and DJ.
All Hell Breaks Loops is quickly gaining
a reputation for the best vaporwave afterparties and livestreams around. Time and again raising the bar in the vapor visuals community!
Booking/commissions are open!

Instagram | Twitter | LinkTree | Sample


Stuad^Dib enjoys creating art that makes him laugh. Whether nervous chuckles from visceral discomfort or soft titters from ostentatious radiance, he usually finds some ridiculous imagery to nucleate around. He hopes the digital detritus in his collages expresses how silly he feels 21st century’s been so far, but he’ll be satisfied if they’re just pretty. If you have an idea that would make Stu laugh, he wants to know about it. Hit him up!

Twitter | YouTube | Sample

Glitch Devil Edit’s

Glitch Devil was created because I wanted to be able to visualize the music that’s out there. Music creates stories, and I can edit videos using older movies or animes from around the web (Is that still a thing?) I love bringing what I’ve imagined to life and grasping the viewer’s attention with the vibes of the different elements. The most rewarding part is when everything fits perfectly like a puzzle, and we’re able to see a glitchy short story. This isn’t something I do for a profit. I want to inspire people and support musicians out there and hope they never stop believing in themselves.



A video/visual editor in the Vaporwave scene for 3 years. Based in Arizona. Founder and lead coordinator for VA:10 Association. Has made visuals for several artists including Hawaii 94 and Groovy Kaiju. Participated in Flamingo Fest, VaporSpace and Rosewood.

Instagram | TwitterYouTube | Sample

Sleep Pattern

SleepPattern is a hardware based visual artist based out of Seattle, WA. Utilizing found footage, forgotten VHS tapes, and video synthesis they bring on surreal, dream like visions to enhance your life.

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Sample

/// /

Producer and artist /// / combines the realms of analogue and digital to make manifest the sights and sounds of the imagination. These artistic works will take you to another world,
full of fantasy and adventure.*
*Results may vary.

Bandcamp | TwitterTwitch 


Will wade, going by the moniker Trick thinker, is a new force in the visual field, using visual sources in the true vapor spirit, rare sample hunting, home taped VHS, diy aesthetics and crude blending to create a unique and trippy eyegasm, synced to the music and themed for the vibrations, Trick Thinker will cross your eyes and dot your T’s

Twitter | YouTube | Sample

layers of irony

Layers Of Irony Entertainment or more commonly known as Josh.exe is Youtuber and vaporwave enthusiast, always trying to track down the right aesthetic and match the vibe. When not collecting tapes, procrastinating on new videos or listening to records, he enjoys moonlighting as a visual artist.

Twitter | YouTube | Sample




Future noir, haunted machines, AI cults, breakbeat dread, illegal biohacking. Prekursor is a production duo working in music, video, art and narrative. Foreboding our dark future.

Instagram | Twitter | Website | Sample


Kid Neon (J.Sabourin) creates transcendent glitchy textures using obscure found footage. He juxtaposes stark, contrasting images to create trippy and sometimes unsettling worlds/ K-Holes for the viewer to fall into. He has worked with artists such as TUPPERWAVE and 회사AUTO – He also creates lots of the live visuals used by his two collaborative musical projects – Donor Lens (With Love In Dust) + Timeshare ’94 (With Enzo Van Baelen).

Instagram | Twitter | Sample

Room 208

In a place far away from anyone or anywhere, Room 208 drifts off and creates music and art inspired by his love for storytelling and randomization. You can find him streaming live visuals and playing music late into night, and follow and support his creations at any of the links below.

Instagram | Twitter | Website | Sample




Mystic Panda is a video editor, VJ, and AudioVisual Artist. He experiments with putting visuals to music to match the rhythm and emotional tone of music and tries to combine digital and analog methods of video making. From digital video synth programs, weird After Effects experiments, VHS players, circuit benders, found footage, or putting video files through audio programs as raw data to glitch them out, he is always looking for new ways to manipulate video into total chaos, and then turn that chaos into harmony that matches music.

Instagram | Twitter | Twitch | Sample


Hailing from Los Angeles, California, David aka The Booty Wizard takes an analog approach to his visuals. Utilizing over 8 VCRs, every piece of source material he works with is first put on to physical tape. After processing the footage through other physical/analog devices, the result are visuals that look like they came from a vhs tape left in a donated VCR from goodwill.

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Sample


Arguably one of the most prolific visual artists in the vaporwave scene, touching nearly ever single livestreaming vapor / future funk event in 2020, they are a true master of their craft, and continue
to push the envelope for the boundless
possibilities of vaporwave visual art.

..But seriously, vaporwave wouldn’t exist without the incredible visual art now so seamlessly tied hand in hand with the music. When you see “Self”, that means the musician prepared the visual video edit for their set themselves, as well as the music. 

After Parties & Presenters

All Hell Breaks Loops

3D Artist, video artist, and DJ. All Hell Breaks Loops is quickly gaining a reputation for the best vaporwave afterparties and livestreams around. Time and again raising the bar in the vapor visuals community! Booking/commissions are open!

Twitter | Instagram | Twitch

Pocari Online

Pocari Online got its start in 2017 as Pocari Sweat; a monthly vaporwave & future funk night in San Diego. Resident DJ’s Uglatto & No Genki showcase guest talent and use a CRT video installation to bring the interactive vapor vibes to the masses. Keeping with the IRL tradition, Pocari Online is always a LIVE show. Truly an audiovisual experience like no other.

Twitter (Uglatto) | Twitter (No Genki)


Renowned vaporwave and late night lofi tape label, specializing in capturing the dreamlike nostalgia of late night lights in a never ending time capsule of romantic exploration. Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with their gorgeous (pun not intended) releases.

Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram


Vaporwave culture, art, and community website. Showcasing the wonderous offerings the vaporwave community has to offer. Complete
with Podcast, Art Exhibit and Index,
Events Tracking Page, Articles and Reviews, and much more.

Website | Twitter | Instagram
YouTube | Facebook



Welp, that’s it, that’s all folks! Thank you vaporwave community, and thank you every single person that was involved with us in this event along the way. We are a new organization and to see this much support from the community and within is just breathtaking. Thank you everyone.

Thank you to Gbanas92, Saintcloud, and Cerulea_d.lux for volunteering their time from the beginning of the inception of this festival, your musician and visual artist profiles, production assets, your support, testing, and everything in between were invaluable. Thank you!  | |

Thank you SquizzleKop for being my right hand man on the stream. If you saw the stream go down in the first hour on Day 1, it was Squiz that saved the day and kept us riding throughout the night. Squiz also created the awesome promotional Late Night Lights videos you may have seen on Twitter and Reddit. Thank you my dude, I am so incredibly grateful for your teamwork and support. 🙏 

蜃気楼MIRAGE providing their music for the opening Prevue sequence, intermission, and title/end cards. Thank you! We are blessed 🙏 For anyone that wants to know the title/end card song, it was “Alone”, listen here, and follow 蜃気楼MIRAGE here:  |

Josh.exe & dreamingdenizen, their support during the event was absolutely incredible. Their engagement, careful and alert eye, and moderation were absolutely paramount, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!  |

Patryk Ludamage for their excellent commercial video content.  |

All Hell Breaks Loops for creating the absolutely incredible Intro/Intermission Prevue, the breathtaking UDGL bumpers, and of course the brilliantly immersive TV News studio segment bumper. You really made this experience come to file, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Follow AHBL here:  |

Tropical Virtual for their wonderous Utopia District world bumpers. There are no words to express our gratefulness 🙏 Follow Tropical Virtual here: |

DJSNWCRSH for designing and building out our 3D virtual interactive festival experience venue in Second Life. It was an incredible time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it was truly breathtaking and unforgetting experience. Check it out here: | Follow DJSNWDRSH 

tesseractive for their incredible work ethic and teamwork and creation of the end credits video you see linked in this post.

Everyone that kept me awake and sane in the voice/video chat on Discord, I owe you one! Feel free to join us on Discord here: 

Straight to Video for supplying their awesome music videos to pepper throughout the event and add to the programming. Check out some of the videos we used here: | Follow HORIZON here: 

All Hell Breaks Loops & Pocari Online for their amazing after parties! Please check out the VODs for each day here: |
Follow them here: AHBL | Uglatto: | No Genki: 

Incredibly massive thank you to each and every musician and visual artist that joined up the family. What would this festival have been without you? Most sincerest of thank you’s for trusting me in this endeavor the entire way. It’s crazy to think we started this 4 months ago. Looking forward to the future!

Find all the musician and artist profiles under the VODs below.

Cosmic Cycler / Gorgeous Lights for partnering up with us on this incredible journey. |  Love you bro 💗

And finally, this event is dedicated to Luxury Elite. I don’t know where we’d be without you. There is nothing that comes close to an equivalent value of the impact you’ve had on all of us by creating and defining this genre, this sound, this aesthetic, this movement, this community, this.. way of life. Thank you Lux 💗 You are the cornerstone of this community.

At the end of the video you will see our 2021 IRL festival announcement. If everything goes okay with the pandemic and vaccines of course. We can’t do anything until people are allowed to, and more importantly, comfortable flying. We’ll have updates on the IRL festival in the coming months.







Vaporwave / late night lo-fi producer, owner of Gorgeous Lights label. Has been producing vaporwave since 2015. Released albums on several vaporwave labels like Ailanthus Recordings, DMT, Fantasy Deluxe, Geometric Lullaby and many others.

Not only is Cosmic highly regarded for his keen aesthetic eye and one of the most consistent productions of late night lo-fi, they are one of the most passionate people you will find in the late night lo-fi microgenre.

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Journalist, filmmaker, visual storyteller, Indy Advant has been exploring what exactly vaporwave is and its implications on the listener since 2013 when ElFamosoDemon released his Private Caller video on YouTube. An avid vaporwave physicals collector and active participant in the in the scene, and a true supporter of the community.

Former content creator, team lead, and writer at Private Suite Mag, Indy has recently launched a new project with hopes of being a uniting intermediary for the vaporwave community. Check out Utopia District the Late Night Lights festival would not have been possible without the dedicated people that make up the project.



After ravenously listening to as much vaporwave as he possibly could for years, gbanas92 eventually decided to do something with all that passion, contributing a number of articles to Private Suite Magazine before its unfortunate closure.

This led to his joining up with the Utopia District team, to continue to writing about vaporwave about as much as humanly possible. Reviews, news, and anything in between. When he’s not listening to vaporwave, something that happens admittedly rarely, he is probably playing PlayStation way more than he should. Either that or watching hockey.

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3D Artist, video artist, and DJ. All Hell Breaks Loops is quickly gaining a reputation for the best vaporwave afterparties and livestreams around. Time and again raising the bar in the vapor visuals community! They have worked with countless vaporwave and future funk artists bringing their music to life through the visual medium: Sound Market, Tupperwave, and Saint Pepsi

They are also the resident VJ at Pacific Plaza Records’ VIRTUAL MEMORY events, and host their own Twitch channel you should definitely check out.

Booking/commissions are open!





SaintCloud is a computer engineering student and vaporwave enthusiast from Louisville, KY. He has been involved with the vaporwave community since joining the Private Suite Magazine Discord back in 2018 (project now disbanded).

Saintcloud has created videos, modded streams, produced visuals for live events, and loves working with a devoted team. SaintCloud serves as the Production Manager and as a Content Creator for Utopia District. After helping with Flamingo Fest, SaintCloud is proud to be returning to help with Late Night Lights. He helped with researching and writing up a large portion of the artist bios.



Creator and collector of vaporwave artifacts; formerly lead editor at Private Suite Magazine; editor, writer, & admin at Utopia District and Arcology Online. On a mission to drift and compile across the wide and deep wave.

A netizen since Web 1.0, cerulea_d.lux seeks to illuminate all the corners of vaporwave and bring its treasures and their creators into the spotlight. As a long time fan of all things chill, utopian, and lo-fi, they proudly lend their support to Utopia District in bringing Late Night Lights to life.




Late Night Lo-Fi Label




Vaporwave Community Project



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